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FRANKLIN COUNTY — Authorities in Connecticut have arrested a man wanted in Franklin County in connection with the drug overdose death last year of a Greencastle child.

Thomas Keogh, 64, of Vernon CT was arrested Thursday as a fugitive from justice and is being held for extradition to Pennsylvania on drug related charges.

Those charges include Corrupt Organizations; Manufacture, Delivery or Possession with Intent to Manufacture or Distribute; Drug Delivery Resulting in Death; and Criminal Use of Communication Facility.

The charges are in connection with last year’s overdose death of three-year-old Logan Starliper.

Eight people, including the child’s mother, have already been charged in connection with her death as a result of last year’s Grand Jury investigation looking into drug overdoses.

Keogh is the first person outside of the local community to be charged, however. The charges and his arrest represent an intense investigation by the local law enforcement community to seek out higher level figures in the drug trafficking chain.

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Pennsylvania State Police issued the arrest warrant for Keogh. Vernon (CT) Police and East Central Narcotics Task Force worked jointly with Franklin County authorities on the case, according to Trooper Megan Frazer.

Keogh is being held in Connecticut on $750,000 bail while awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania.

DA Fogal’s Response to the Arrest

Franklin County District Attorney Matthew Fogal has vowed to continue the search for drug dealers and networks that prey on the local community.

He often refers to drug addiction as a disease and drug dealers as “bad wolves” who prey on and profit from addiction.

He said Logan Starliper’s death was heartbreaking and distressing to the team of law enforcement officers who investigated the case.

“In September of last year, initial arrests were made in the investigation surrounding the utterly distressing death of Logan Starliper,” he said.  “At the time, I made the following promise on behalf of the team of law enforcement officers dedicated to this investigation:

“The death of this sweet, innocent little girl is the most heartbreaking example of the danger the overdose epidemic has brought to our community and region.  We will continue to avenge her, and will not rest or tire in working to prevent this from happening to others.”

He also had a warning for other members of the county’s illegal drug distribution network.

“We are not done,” he said.  “The bad wolves should sleep with one eye open.”

Case Background

Logan Jane Abigail Starlipper was found dead in her bed January 6, 2018. An autopsy showed she died of an overdose of methamphetamines. Her death made her the youngest of Franklin County’s overdose victims.

The Grand Jury investigation determined that Logan’s mother, Brittany Higgins, and stepfather Brian Bennett were at the West Baltimore Street address during the period that Logan ingested the controlled substance that caused her death.

Both Higgins and Bennet were under the influence of meth at the time, according to the Grand Jury report.

Both have since been charged with Murder of the Third Degree, Drug Delivery Resulting In Death, Involuntary Manslaughter, Endangering the Welfare of Children (2 counts) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

The Grand Jury investigation focused on identifying the source of the methamphetamine that caused Logan’s death. By the time that investigation was finished, six others had been identified as members of a drug distribution network in Franklin County and were arrested.

Paul Crawford was identified by the Grand Jury as the person responsible for bringing the methamphetamine into the county and distributing it through Rodney Mower, Michael Gatrell, Daniel Schultz, Kelly Monn and Brittany Baker.

All six were charged.

Local News

Police Log: Theft, Hit and Runs, DUIs, Runaway

Police are still looking for information about a runaway who disappeared back in October. They have also investigated crimes, made traffic stops and sent a juvenile home following a curfew violation.
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