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CHAMBERSBURG — Chief Ron Camacho has announced a new Camera Registry Form for local residents and businesses.

Citizens can help the Chambersburg Police Department swiftly locate nearby cameras that may be able to aid with active investigations and help deter crime in the community.

Camacho said knowing where security cameras are located around town could give police an advantage in solving the crime quickly.

The location of registered security cameras and the names of property owners are kept confidential and only local Law Enforcement agencies can access the information.

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The Chamber Staff is always available to talk with you about how your business could greatly benefit from membership.

Once a security system that uses cameras or video cans is registered with the borough, if a crime happens in the neighborhood Chambersburg police would contact the owner and ask if they could access any footage recorded by the system.

At no time will law enforcement have access to a live feed of a business or resident’s secured video without authorization.

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