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FRANKLIN COUNTY, PA – September is National Library Card Month! To celebrate, the Franklin County Library System is having two Fine Free Weeks from September 9 – 21, 2019.

We understand. Sometimes it is hard to get to the library before your books are due. Life gets busy, it snows, books hidden under couch cushions. Now is a great time to collect all of those overdue items you’ve been holding on to and bring them back to the library.

So bring overdue items back to any branch of the Franklin County Library System Sept. 9-21. No guilt trip. No fines. It is National Library Card Month!

Libraries operate on limited budgets, so librarians would prefer to have materials returned than to repurchase them.

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Help get library materials back on the shelves, let go of your overdue-book-guilt, and come back to the library.

They have missed you.

This fine free period only applies to current overdue items.

“If someone has already returned a book but has an outstanding unpaid fine on their account, we aren’t removing those fines,” Alice Alia, the library system’s publicity director, said.

People with books or items at home can bring them back in, and the new fine will be forgiven. Even if the item is a year overdue.

For more information contact Alice Elia: or 717.709.0282 ext 1215

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