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FRANKLIN COUNTY — Police are warning local residents about a medical scam that has happened in at least two communities this month.

The scam consists of individuals approaching local homes and telling residents they are collecting DNA samples for medical research. The scammers then ask for personal information, including social security numbers.

It happened on July 6 in Chambersburg and July 12 in Waynesboro, according to police.

Chambersburg Police Department was notified about the scam first. A local resident told police a tall, slender, African American male knocked on his door on July 6 in the early afternoon. He claimed to represent a medical company. 

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The man was wearing nurses “scrubs” and was clean-shaven.  He told the resident that he needed to confirm the resident’s identity and photographed the resident’s social security card and PA ID card. 

He then told the resident he was there to gather “DNA” to provide insight into whether or not the resident’s medications were working for him. 

At no time did the man provide any form of identification to his victim. The resident told police his doctor did not notify him that someone would be coming to his residence to collect DNA samples.

Waynesboro police report similar incidents in their community recently.

Police have received reports of a white male in his mid-30s with dark hair and a full beard approaching residences and telling occupants he is with a company that conducts research on DNA for cancer treatment. The man then asks for personal information.

Citizens are reminded to stay vigilant when looking out for potential scams. 

“If something doesn’t seem right, contact the Chambersburg Police Department immediately prior to providing any information to anyone that may be questionable,” police said in a news release.

Keep an eye out for similar occurrences in any neighborhood, police warned.

“NEVER give out your personal information to a stranger,” Waynesboro police warned in their news release.

Any type of scam should be reported to the police immediately, but this type of scam is especially serious. Area residents are asked to notify the police immediately if it happens to them, while the scammer is still in the neighborhood if possible.

Never allow a scammer into a home and call the police as soon as it is safe to do so.

Waynesboro residents can report such incidents to the Waynesboro Police Department at (717) 762-2131.  

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