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Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on August 15th.

25 Years Ago

August 15, 1994 – Monday

“Shippensburg lights onto reasonable smoking rules”

SMOKERS ARE BEGINNING to fight back across the nation, saying they are being treated unfairly as a result of the increased number of smoking bans in public places and in workplaces.

Shippensburg area officials, however, have come up with a reasonable compromise which recognizes the dangers of second-hand smoke but also respects the wishes of smokers.

Beginning this fall, there will be designated areas for smoking and non-smoking at Memorial Park Stadium, where the Shippensburg Area Senior High School team plays football.

The Shippensburg Area Park and Recreation Department, which runs the borough-owned football stadium, will comply with the school district’s wishes to have a designated smoking area in the stadium.

The board will create smoking areas inside the stadium but away from bleachers and concession stands.

50 Years Ago

August 15, 1969 – Friday

“County-Wide Historical Site Survey Authorized”

CHAMBERSBURG – The Franklin County Planning Commission Thursday night authorized borough planning consultant John Hall to submit a proposal for a county-wide survey of historical sites.

According to outgoing planning director George Reif the proposal, due at the commission’s Sept. 11 meeting, would include cost estimates and a course of action that could lead to a publication or listing, such as the National Register, of historical sites.

The plan could also prevent another county jail situation, a long-standing thorn in the King Street Urban Renewal Plan.

Through such a register, if approved, the citizenry would be aware of sites and be prepared for any potential danger to the areas well in advance, according to Reif.

The idea has been long proposed by Hall, representative of the Planning Consortium, who based his proposal to the planning commission on a recent Authorized questionnaire submitted to a service clubs asking if the county has enough historical origin to warrant a cultural arts center and Science Museum and if the county should record historical sites and artifacts.

While the museum is only an idea at present the proposal next month is expected to provide steps that could be taken in that direction, beginning with the county-wide listing. Hall said that 90 percent of those questioned replied they were in favor of such activities.

Reif said that both Franklin County Heritage and the planning commission would work together if the proposal is approved.

100 Years Ago

August 15, 1919 – Friday

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“Now They Want Traffic Cop Pinched”

Waynesboro is peculiar. Having obtained a motorcycle traffic policeman, who is doing good work, Secretary Hobert Beam of the Waynesboro Motor Club has a piece in yesterday’s Press, asking why the motor cop dare drive faster than the legal limit while going after speeders. The only answer we know is that the copper could never catch up to road-burners if he does not equal or exceed their speed while he is pursuing them!

Looking Back

Looking Back: Franklin County’s History on Feb. 26th

Take a look back at Franklin County’s history through news and photos that appeared in local newspapers 25, 50, and 100 years ago on Feb. 26th.
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