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FRANKLIN COUNTY — The county’s economy is in a very good place right now with new businesses continuing to create new jobs.

J. Michael Ross, President, FCADC
J. Michael Ross, President, FCADC

 “Franklin County is operating on all cylinders,” said Franklin County Area Development Corporation President Mike Ross.

From Path Valley to Blue Ridge Summit and all points in-between, development is taking place across the county, Ross said.

He said it’s not just that the job market is expanding in Franklin County. Average wages are growing too. Over the last four calendar quarters, average wages in the county increased 2.6%, he said, citing Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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The County outpaced national and state averages, which were reported to be 2.3% and 2.1% respectively.  

Local job growth was also higher than on state and national levels.  Over the same time period, employment increased by 2% compared to 1% nationwide and 0.6% statewide.

Ross cited the expansion of Junk-Inn Farms in Path Valley, the recent groundbreaking of Herbruck’s  Poultry  Ranch in Montgomery Township and the completion of the Jamison Door-BMP facility in the Wharf Road Industrial Park as recent projects that will bring new jobs to the county over the next few years.

New projects mean more jobs

In the first six months of 2019, FCADC facilitated projects in five of the county’s six school Districts, Ross said.

“And we are working on a project in the Shippensburg  Area School District that would complete the cycle,” he said.

These projects will mean more jobs that will translate to increased taxable income for districts.

Ross said he anticipates several major announcements in the next six months that will mean both retention and development of hundreds of jobs.

While transactional economic development will always be a priority of the FCADC, Ross said community-based issues such as affordable housing, education, and healthy community and lifestyle issues are also important to his organization.

“Our goal is to create comprehensive and sustainable community and economic development policies capable of elevating all Franklin County residents,” he said.

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