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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Letter to the Editor: Thanking Voters in Chambersburg’s Third Ward

Now that the primary election results are official, I want to thank voters in Chambersburg’s Third Ward for their bipartisan support.

Letter to the Editor: In Support of John Flannery

I am writing this letter in support of John Flannery for Franklin County Commissioner in the upcoming May 21st primary election.

Letter to the Editor: Mary Beth Shank for Judge

There is a joke floating around these days: How can you tell when politicians are lying? Answer: When their mouth is moving!

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Ian Brink

Last Saturday, I had the privilege and honor to walk the stage and accept my degree from Shippensburg University.

Letter to the Editor: Support for Mary Beth Shank

I support Mary Beth Shank because I know her to be intelligent, calm under pressure, hard-working, and well-educated and versed in the law.

Letter to the Editor: A Privilege to Serve

As primary season draws to a close, I write to thank the community for listening to all our candidate messages and making the important decision to appear at the polls Tuesday to choose who will represent you in elected office.

Letter to the Editor: In support of Ian Brink

I am writing this in support of Ian Brink for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Mr. Brink is the only candidate who has the necessary qualifications for the job.

Letter to the Editor: Think Brink!

As a retired police officer with 19 years of service, I have witnessed the operations of a trial court many times throughout my career.

Letter to the Editor: Give Flannery a Chance on May 21

Debbie Taylor voices her opinion about We are very fortunate to have a candidate running for Franklin County Commissioner like John Flannery.

Letter to the Editor: Write in Request

For my neighbors in the Borough of Shippensburg. I am asking for your Write-in vote for Borough Tax Collector Next Tuesday.

Letter to the Editor: Another Bad Week for Taxpayers

It was another bad week for Pennsylvania taxpayers. Just the other day it was reported that Governor Tom Wolf handed out huge salary increases to his top staffers.

Letter to the Editor: The Pill

When you go to the doctor and try to explain just what your symptoms indicate to you (as a non-doctor) and even before you are finished, he tells you he has just the thing that can fix that.

Letter to the Editor: Please Vote for Herb Dolaway

My name is Patty Dolaway and I am writing to endorse my husband, Herb for re-election to the 5th Ward Borough Council of Chambersburg.

Letter to the Editor: Ian Brink is Highly Qualified

I have seen first-hand how hard Ian is working to meet people and earn their votes.

Letter to the Editor: Ian Brink Is Clearly the Right Choice

IAN BRINK is clearly the right choice to be our next Common Pleas Judge. I have lived in Franklin County my whole life and I love this community.

Letter to the Editor: Vote for My Dad, Ian Brink

Abby Brink: On May 21st, vote for my dad Ian Brink when selecting your candidate for the judge for the Court of Common Pleas. When voting on May 21st, Think Experience, Think Brink.

Letter to the Editor: Mary Beth Shank Is Good People

My name is Ed Asbury and I support Mary Beth Shank for Judge. She has the knowledge and more importantly the heart to be a good judge for Franklin County.

Letter to the Editor: Support Ian Brink for Judge

My name is Bruce Levy and I want everyone to please get out and vote on May 21st, and support Ian Brink for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Letter to the Editor: Elect Mary Beth Shank for Judge

Tom and Mary Stonesifer ask every to please join them in electing Mary Beth Shank for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

Letter to the Editor: Trust Mary Beth Shank

I am Stephanie Ewing Byers and I have had the immense honor and pleasure of knowing Mary Beth Shank personally for over 30 years.

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Ian Brink

I am Jeff Conner and I support Ian Brink has a proven record and respect of our judicial system that has led him to be rated “highly qualified” by the Franklin County Bar Association.

Letter to the Editor: Support Ian Brink for Judge

My name is Elaine Preli and I am writing this letter to show my support for Ian Brink, who is running for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Letter to the Editor: A Clear Choice

G. Ware Elliott: A clear choice: Mary Beth Shank for judge on May 21

Letter to the Editor: Supporting an Ideal Judge Candidate

I am Sam Worley, Former Franklin County Commissioner. I strongly support Mary Beth Shank for our next Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Letter in Support of Ian Brink

I write this letter to you in support of Ian Brink for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the 39th Judicial District.

In Support of Ian Brink

I’m Dave Secor, Franklin County Treasurer. On May 21st, there is only one candidate on the ballot that is qualified to be a judge in Franklin and Fulton Counties and that is Ian Brink.

Judge Needs Broad Experience to Be Effective

I have always prided myself on being as informed of a voter as I possibly could. I never like to cast a ballot for someone without knowing as much as I can about a race and its candidates.

Letter to the Editor: Need More Women Elected Officials

Mary Beth Shank is my choice to fill the upcoming vacant position in the 39th Judicial District. As a former Franklin County Commissioner, I have had personal experience working with her in her time as Assistant County Solicitor to then Solicitor, Shawn Meyers, now Judge Meyers.

New Poll Shows 65% Want Their Weed Legalized

Franklin County -- Two seperate polls conducted by Franklin County Free Press show that 65% of Franklin County respondents want marijuana legalized.

Letter to the Editor: Endorsing Mary Beth Shank

The Primary Election for Franklin County is rapidly approaching, and it is every candidate’s hope that voter turnout will be strong.

Letter to the Editor: Service to the Community

The heart of a judge’s work is service to their community. This community is where I was raised, educated and married. It’s where I worship and volunteer.

Letter to the Editor: Mary Beth Shank for Judge

Local attorney Mary Beth Shank is one of two candidates running for a seat on the bench of Pennsylvania’s Court of Common Pleas 39th Judicial District, encompassing Franklin and Fulton Counties. The Courts of Common pleas are Pennsylvania’s trial courts. Judges are elected to 10=year terms.

Letter to the Editor: From Our Community, For Our Community

Opinion: What makes a good judge? Local reader gives his ideas in this letter to the editor

Kathy Leedy seeks re-election to Chambersburg Council

Leedy supports investments in infrastructure and policies that encourage job creation and retention (such as improvements at Southgate Shopping Center).

Wilson’s Partnership with Borough brings new Vitality to Henninger

Kudos to the Chamberrsburg’s borough government for partnering with Wilson College to insure the preservation of an iconic ball park with historic significance that reaches beyond the local community.
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