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Always the entertainer, Brian Helman now entertains his therapists with short melodies on the piano as he recovers from a traumatic brain injury.

The local musician is making significant progress in his recovery from a life-threatening accident that left him in a coma for two weeks before Christmas last year.

Helman, a popular piano teacher and talented musician, is undergoing intense therapy at a rehabilitation hospital that specializes in traumatic brain injuries.

“Brian has shown significant progress with his intense physical, occupational, and speech therapy,” his family said this weekend.

Helman was hit by a car while crossing Wayne Avenue Dec. 6. He was wearing dark clothing and crossed in a poorly lit area of the road, police said.

Airlifted to York Hospital in critical condition with a traumatic brain injury, he spent the next two weeks in a coma. His doctors expected a very slow recovery if he recovered at all.

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He transferred to the rehab hospital this month. Although he still faces a long recovery, his family said his progress since beginning rehab has been extraordinary.

Helman is now able to transfer from bed to chair and walk with minimal to moderate assistance. He also has begun to have purposeful movement on his left side.

He still faces significant issues with his cognitive impairments and function, however. Fortunately, the hospital has a piano and he has entertained his therapists with a few short melodies.

The brief piano sessions integrated into his existing therapy have contributed significantly to his progress, the family spokesperson said.

His therapy is intense and he tires easily and has limited energy. For those reasons, visitors are limited. This restriction will be reviewed weekly, and based upon his progress in therapy.

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