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CHAMBERSBURGFranklin County Commissioners reviewed floor plans this week for a new 35,772 square-foot administration complex at North Second and Grant Streets. The building will house 12 county departments as well as the commissioners’ office. 

“This floor plan offers co-location of offices that will result in efficiency for county operations and ease-of-use for the public,” said Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller.

County Administration and architects focused on functionality, with much of the space being shared by multiple offices or multi-purpose in nature.

The center of the building contains a shared kitchen/lunch area and an atrium with seating. Consideration is being given to the incorporation of a micro-market.

“By bringing offices that work together into one building, we will save money by having less employee mileage reimbursements as well as reduced building maintenance costs. Plus, it will be more convenient for consumers,” said Commissioner Bob Thomas.

“This plan is an efficient use of space and adaptable for future needs,” said Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski.

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This drawing shows the floor plan for Franklin County's proposed new administrative complex.
This drawing shows the floor plan for Franklin County’s proposed new administrative complex.

The future Administration Building is part of the Court Facility Improvement Project which addresses needs for safety and security, adequate space, and co-location of offices and services for operational efficiency and public convenience.

The cost of the Administration Building is included in the overall Court Facility Improvement Project budget.

More information on the Court Facility Improvement Project can be found at or e-mail:

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