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To Franklin and Fulton County Voters:

Mary Beth Shank is my choice to fill the upcoming vacant position in the 39th Judicial District. As a former Franklin County Commissioner, I have had personal experience working with her in her time as Assistant County Solicitor to then Solicitor, Shawn Meyers, now Judge Meyers.  

Mary Beth Shank is deliberative, direct, timely in her opinions on county matters, and respectful of the impact county decisions have on the taxpayers.  She is a capable problem solver and willing to research and offer options to resolve issues amicably.  She has extensive civil and Orphan’s Court experience in the areas that affect many of our citizens such as child custody, municipal disputes, land use and eminent domain, and business disputes.  She has a long, proven record of service to our counties and our citizens, not only through her years of legal experience, but also through a strong record of volunteer efforts. 

While I was commissioner, we had many strong and effective women holding elected county offices including Judge Carol Van Horn who is retiring.  We need to continue this effort towards balanced leadership and electing Mary Beth Shank as our Common Pleas Judge will move us in the right direction. In fact, should Mary Beth not be successful, we will have the fewest women serving in elected county office for the last 25 years.

Please join me in supporting a fine, capable, experienced woman to take the place of Judge Van Horn on May 21.

Cheryl S Plummer

Former Franklin County Commissioner

Chambersburg, Franklin County

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  1. This “identity politics” schtick is getting pretty old. We should vote for the best candidate based on qualifications, regardless of sex/race/etc.

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