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To the editor:

I am writing regarding the Primary Election coming up on May 21st. My dad, Ian Brink, is a candidate for the Court of Common Pleas Judge position that is going to be opened.

Ever since I was little, my dad has taught me to work hard and earn everything that I get and I have seen him do the same in all that he does. I have continuously seen him work endlessly for what he wants in and out of his professional career. The family has always been a number one priority for my dad and he never fails to have fun with us and make us laugh.

Even as a fourteen-year-old, I can see how important this election is to my dad and the rest of my family. Becoming a judge would be the next step in his career and I believe that he is ready and able to do the job effectively because of his past and current positions in the court system.

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I am so very proud of all the accomplishments that my dad has achieved throughout his career and I know that he will be a valuable and important asset to the Judicial system.

As our family and friends continue to knock on doors and meet people at events, we do everything together and there is no better way to win an election. A quote that is used among our family often is, “We’re all in this together”, and that is the plan of this campaign because we know that my dad is the right candidate for this position.

On May 21st, vote for my dad Ian Brink when selecting your candidate for the judge for the Court of Common Pleas. When voting on May 21st, Think Experience, Think Brink.

Abby Brink

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