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Chambersburg Area School District Foundation

Dear Editor,

I have had the immense honor and pleasure of knowing Mary Beth Shank personally for over 30 years. I have also known her in the professional realm as our family attorney. When seeking legal counsel, trust is paramount. 

We have trusted Mary Beth with the sale of our home, in the starting of our business, with landlord/tenant agreements, and more. Mary Beth has represented and protected some of our family’s most vulnerable and valuable aspects of life. 

She is about fairly and fiercely protecting the needs and rights of real people like you and like me. Her courage, strength, fortitude, and uncompromising integrity permeate her excellence as an attorney and as a human being.  She stands with a steadfastness in making the tough decisions and has the ability to exercise discernment thoughtfully, yet swiftly.

As I contemplate the immense responsibility that this office holds for the future of our community, which includes my family and yours, our choice is crystal clear… Mary Beth Shank for judge May 21st!

Stephanie Ewing Byers

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We are excited and have so much planned for our youth this year

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