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To the Editor,

When you go to the doctor and try to explain just what your symptoms indicate to you (as a non-doctor) and even before you are finished, he tells you he has just the thing that can fix that.

You respond that’s great. You mean it will cure my short term memory loss? I can guarantee it will help your memory. Actually, it is two things he says. I mean two pills. Okay, that sounds good to me.

I leave the doctor’s office and proceed to the Pharmacy to pick up my pills. The directions on the labels indicate that one of the pills will be taken once per day and the other 2 times a day.

Fine, but with my short term memory in short supply, how I am supposed to remember which to take when?

Hey, I’ve got it, I will use a weekly pill box and put two of the two per day in each compartment and one of the one a day pills in each compartment.

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When I’m ready to take a pill, open the pillbox to the day of the week and if the compartment has three pills, I take one of the two a day pills. But if it has two pills I take them both.

Makes sense, right? Well maybe.

My Doctor is Doctor Rictor over in Scotland but he might not want his name used so I will just say Doctor R. I’m not sure I remember exactly what he told me.

Anyway, I start taking the pills and sure enough, I can remember I took them. I still have some problems remembering what I was about to say when I get started talking to someone, but I want to give it a fair trial and so I continue taking the pills.

I am very pleased with the progress I am making with my memory, but something ominous is edging into my thoughts.

I wonder if this means that I am cured and can quit taking the pills. Can I hold onto the gains I have made or do I have to continue taking pills forever to hold onto those gains?

Or — does it mean that if I continue taking the pills will I regain the lost memory plus maybe a little on the side?

WOW. That sounds bad, or maybe not too bad if I got a little memory upgrade out of it.

I hope I am not drifting too much. I might not win the prize for the best editorial in this contest.

I am just kidding folks. I must insert a disclaimer here that makes me ineligible for any of the prizes that might be awarded. I am a member of the family that started this newspaper.

David L. Taylor


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