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To the editor:

I support Mary Beth Shank because I know her to be intelligent, calm under pressure, hard-working, and well-educated and versed in the law.  She has experience as an attorney representing many clients in civil court and serves as County Solicitor. I believe these qualities make her best suited to serve as Franklin County Judge.

I have known Mary Beth since she was a child, through her school and college years and within the church and community. Among her many community activities, she served on the Cumberland Valley School of Music Board of Directors. I worked closely with her during her six-year term.  She is among the most self-controlled, thoughtful people I have encountered. To say she already possesses a “judicial temperament” is an understatement.

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I have every confidence that Mary Beth Shank will serve as an exemplary judge bringing her full intellectual capacity, education, and extraordinary integrity to the bench on a daily basis.  I urge you to vote Shank for Judge on May 21.

Paula B. Hepfer
Cumberland Valley School of Music co-founder

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