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FRANKLIN COUNTY — When the county’s Human Services Administrator Stacie Horvath stepped up to help a fellow employee in need during a crisis, her only concern was making sure the family was safe and they had what they needed.

Little did she know her action that day would later prompt another county employee to nominate her for the county’s employee of the month award.

“Due to confidentiality I cannot share a lot of details, but what I can share is that I saw Stacie step up and help an employee and her family in a time of need and crisis,” the employee shared with the county’s STAR Committee (Special Thanks And Recognition).

That committee chose Horvath from a field of nine nominations as the County’s February Employee of the Month.

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The nomination form describes her as committed, dedicated, and compassionate.

The committee looks for employees that stand out in some way, and the story told with Horvath’s nomination cited actions that caught the committee’s attention.

“It was completely admirable that Stacie would make arrangements for her family to be available for an employee well into the evening when they were experiencing a crisis,” the nominating individual wrote.

Although the full story of the event that triggered Horvath’s action couldn’t be told for confidentuality reasons, the writer made it clear that Horvath not only helped but involved her family in the compassionate endeavor.

What’s more, Horvath didn’t stop with just one small act of compassion but made sure her colleague and family was safe and had what they needed before going home herself that night.

In a news release announcing Horvath’s selection, Franklin County Commissioners said Horvath “exudes a high standard of customer service, excellence, and respect to the employees and residents of Franklin County.”

The individual who nominated her put it another way.

“To work with individuals who have such a deep level of care and concern for our workforce is amazing,” he/she wrote.

“We often forget the great things that happen right before our eyes and when they do happen, they should be recognized.”

Horvath has been employed as the Franklin County Human Services Administrator since September of 2017.

Photo, left to right: Franklin County Commissioners Chairman Dave Keller, Stacie Horvath, Commissioner Bob Thomas az nd Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski

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