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Chambersburg, PA – The Franklin County Commissioners recently signed a letter of intent for the sale of a county-owned .84-acre lot. This lot is located in Guilford township on Franklin Farm Jane, between Route 30 and the Trout Hatchery stream.

TH Minit Markets LLC. is offering the county $625,000 for the property. TH Minit Markets LLC also intends to acquire other property adjacent to the county-owned land for a convenience store.

“The sale of this vacant property and its addition to the tax base would be a benefit to Franklin
County taxpayers.”

Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller

The letter of intent opens the discussion for the potential transfer of land but is not a binding agreement of sale. If the county enters into an agreement, the purchaser will have 150 days to undertake any inspections deemed necessary or desired and an additional 210 days for sale approval and 30 days for closing.

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