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FRANKLIN COUNTY (Sept. 13, 2019) — Be Prepared, Not Scared. That’s the message this month from the state’s Emergency Management Agency.

Recognizing September as National Preparedness Month, PEMA encourages residents to plan for emergencies by participating in September’s 30 Days/30 Ways preparedness event.

Much like a fire drill, knowing what to do in an emergency makes the situation a little less frightening for everyone.

Simple steps include:

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  • Taking a basic first aid or CPR class.
  • Creating a family emergency plan.
  • Assembling a small kit of emergency supplies for the home and car.
  • Reviewing insurance coverage.
  • Building up an emergency fund.

Go to PEMA’s website to find a list of helpful hints and tips to begin the journey to preparedness. At the end of the month, participants can fill out a brief survey and enter a drawing for a wind-up radio, flashlight or phone charger.

More information about how to prepare for an emergency, including specific information for people with access and functional needs or pets, is available at the Ready PA webpage.

Local Government News

Douglas Wilburne New Head Of County’s Adult Probation Dept.

Douglas Wilburne took on the role of Franklin County's Chief Adult Probation Officer last month. His promotion became effective October 3rd, 2019.

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