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Mary Beth Shank is a judicial candidate for Franklin and Fulton counties.

I recently was asked to chair the “Mary Beth Shank for Judge’s” campaign. I’m not really politically active, however; I was intrigued.  My first thought was, “What makes a good Judge?”.

My answer was someone who knows the law, cares about others, is fair and can analyze a situation put before them and make a decision in a speedy and thoughtful manner.
I have known Mary Beth Shank for many years; as a fellow church member and a lifelong  resident of our community with a long history of community and church service, how could I say no.

Over the years, she was involved in youth church mission trips and helping her dad, Buzz Shank, to campaign for others. So when Mary Beth Shank and Warren Elliott asked me to volunteer, I said yes, because I personally believe that serving others is the way we were created.

So…I am the volunteer chair, and as the Chair I want to thank all of our 28 petition circulators and over 900 petition signers to get her on the ballot.

I encourage you to volunteer, check out if you would like to join us and help make a difference in our community!

Rod Hocker,
Volunteer Chair
Mary Beth Shank
Candidate for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

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