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GREENE TOWNSHIP — A $450,000 state grant will jump start transportation improvements around the newly constructed North Parkwood Drive in the area west of I81 Exit 17.

The grant, awarded this week by the Commonwealth Financing Authority,is part of the authority’s Multimodal Transportation Fund program to Greene Township to support the North Chambersburg Improvements Project – Phase II.

Installation of traffic signals at the intersections of Parkwood Drive, Kohler Road and Grand Point Road, and Kohler Road and Walker Road will be at the top of the to-do list for the township.

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Signalization at these intersections has long been a priority of township officials and is expected to immediately improve traffic flow and safety.

Subject to adequate public and private funding, project plans also include the further extension of Fifth Avenue to provide direct connectivity between Parkwood Drive and Kohler Road.

That part of the project will include the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Parkwood Drive, and the construction of a 3-legged roundabout at the intersection of future Fifth Avenue and existing Kohler Road.

Kauffman, Alloway support vital in securing grant

Rep. Rob Kauffman, R-Chambersburg and former Sen. Rich Alloway both supported the project and Alloway was instrumental in securing support for it before resigning from the state Senate earlier this year.

“I was proud to support this MTF grant request and am happy to see the state contributing to the enhancement of our local transportation network,” Kauffman said.

He said collaboration among public and private stakeholders was a big factor in helping the township get the highly competitive grant.

“I applaud the Township and its willingness to partner with the private sector,” he said.

Project is part of a multi-year effort

The Project will directly complement the recently completed Phase I, which was a multi-year, inter-municipal effort led by Chambersburg Health Services (an affiliate of Summit Health).

Phase I was aimed at enhancing efficiency and more effectively integrating the existing local road network in the growing commercial area of Norland Avenue.

It featured the extension of Parkwood Drive north, tying into the Grand Point and Kohler Roads intersection, reconstruction and extension of St. Paul Drive to intersect with Parkwood Drive, a series of enhancements to the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Norland Avenue and the extension of Fifth Avenue from the municipal line to Parkwood Drive.

Improving traffic flow

Alloway said the project will alleviate safety concerns and inefficient traffic flow, improving conditions for residents and commuters in the greater Chambersburg area.

“I commend the Township for continuing this vital infrastructure project,” he said.

The MTF grant award was one of 106 awards made in the state, and one of only three in Franklin County.

Township Supervisors Chairman Todd Burns, said the road and traffic improvements will positively impact the region’s current and future development efforts.

“We are extremely grateful to Representative Rob Kauffman and former Senator Alloway for their ongoing efforts to support this significant transportation system project,” he said

The MTF Program is funded through revenue from the 2013 transportation bill (Act 89-2013).

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