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Take a look back at news and photos that occurred on May 16th 25, 50, and 100 years ago in Franklin County, PA.


Monday, May 16, 1994

PUBLIC OPINION – The Little Tikes Toy Factory in Shippensburg may have hit on a unique idea by combining an open house of its plant with interviewing prospective employees. The initial reaction was great. The Little Tykes factory plans to expand its operation next month and hire 100 people.


Friday, May 16, 1969

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PATIENT COUNT – Actual number of patients in the Chambersburg Hospital, as of 7 o’clock this morning, was medical and surgical 190; pediatrics 14; maternity 18; nursery 16.


Friday, May 16, 1919

CHAMBERSBURG – Notice from Washington came that after June 15, the “inhabitation of granting passports to wives or mothers of American officers and enlisted men who may wish to go to Europe will be removed.“ It was announced by the state department passports will be issued in such cases provided the officers or men concerned are not about to return to the country. Wives and mothers who take advantage of this program will not be able to return to the states for at least six months. The time limit is to prevent congestion with transportation vehicles.

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