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Take a look back at news and photos that occurred 25, 50, and 100 years ago on June 11th.

25 years Ago:

Friday, June 11, 1994

“Rails-to-Trails Join Group”

Chambersburg – A local group who hopes to turn former railroad lands into trails for bicycles, walkers, and horseback riders, is a member of the Land Trust Alliance.

Cumberland Valley Rails to Trails Council, Inc, was recently accepted to the national organization of more than 500 local and regional land trusts. The non-profit council accepts tax-deductible donations of land or easements to land.

50 Years Ago:

Wednesday, June 11, 1969

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100 Years Ago

Wednesday, June 11, 1919

Public Opinion Orders New Press 24 Page Capacity

“Outfit for Printing Is to be Augmented by Other Work”

CHAMBERSBURG – Even a casual reader of the Public Opinion has noticed that its columns were overcrowded by advertisements. The condition has resulted despite the fact that on many days advertisements were refused in order that even a fair amount of reading matter might be published in each issue. For some time this newspaper has been publishing regularly the largest newspaper in Franklin county – eight seven-column pages. This is the limit size its flatbed press is capable of. Having faith in the growth and development of Chambersburg and Franklin County, believing that as long as Public Opinion continues its present course – both in editorial policy and business methods – it would be called upon more and more by advertisers to give publicity to their waves, Public Opinion closed a contract by which it will secure a printing press that will triple its capacity.

As stated the capacity of the present big press is eight pages in one operation. The new press that the Public Opinion will get – a Hoe double supplement press – has the capacity of printing at one operation 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 or 24-page papers, all delivered ,folded, cut, pasted and counted in piles of fifty each. The running speed is 24,000 papers per hour of the size of 12 pages and 12,000 per hour on larger sizes.

The most noted change it will make in local printing is of method. The Pubic Opinion’s new press makes the abandonment of the flat bed press method and the adoption of the method used by all “city” newspapers – printing from stereotyped plates.

The people of Chambersburg may know that the Public Opinion is doing its bit to keep up with the march of progress.

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