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CHAMBERSBURG — Along with spring and a rainy month of May has come the return of a need to cut the grass.

One thief in Chambersburg came up with a way to solve the equipment side of the lawn care chore this week.

He (or she) stole a lawn mower.

Not just any lawn mower, but an expensive self-propelled mower. One in excellent condition.

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Officers with Chambersburg Police Department were dispatched to an address on Grandview Avenue Tuesday to investigate a report that a lawn mower had been stolen.

Stolen red Craftsman self-propelled push mower.
Stolen red Craftsman self-propelled push mower.

Not just any old lawnmower either.

The resident told police someone entered her shed and stole a red Craftsman self-propelled push lawn mower. The mower is in very good condition.

It is similar to the one pictured here, police said.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact the Chambersburg Police Department at 717-264-4131. 

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