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On Nov. 5, I will be outside Chambersburg’s recreation center, 235 S. Third St., to hear from voters in Chambersburg’s Third Ward.

I have done this each Election Day since being elected to Borough Council in 2015, and I have found it to be a worthwhile experience.

After hearing voters’ suggestions and concerns, I follow up with the appropriate Borough staff, committee, or Borough Council. In nearly all cases, I have been able to help residents. Issues have included flooding, potholes, parking, speeding, sidewalks, street lights, noise, suspected criminal activity, property code violations and more.

This year, I am running for re-election. I respectfully ask voters for their continued support. It has been a great honor to represent the residents and businesses of the Third Ward for the past four years.

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The Chamber Staff is always available to talk with you about how your business could greatly benefit from membership.

Kathy Leedy
Chambersburg Borough Council

Third Ward Representative

Letters to the Editor

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