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To the Editor:

IAN BRINK is clearly the right choice to be our next Common Pleas Judge.  I have lived in Franklin County my whole life and I love this community.  It is critical that we choose our new judge based on their experience and ability to do the job.  Ian Brink has spent his 18-year career as a trial court attorney and has the experience that matters for this important position.  He knows the Franklin County court system inside and out because it is where he has spent the past 14 years.

Don’t elect someone on the basis of their smile or that they were born in Franklin County.  Don’t elect someone based on what they say they will do without the backing of experience.  Elect someone who is qualified and will best fulfill the position. The Franklin County Bar Association has said that Ian Brink is the only HIGHLY QUALIFIED candidate, and I agree with them.

I will be voting for IAN BRINK on May 21st.  Please join me.

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Carol Wagaman
Guilford Township

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