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To the editor:

I have lived in Franklin County my whole life and I know how important it is that we elect the right people to fill positions in our community.  I met Ian Brink last year through a common friend and he has spent countless hours over the past months getting to know me and my family.  He has a common sense and hard-working approach that we need in our next Judge.  I have seen first-hand how hard Ian is working to meet people and earn their votes.  His experience speaks for itself.  He has the courtroom experience and knowledge of our court system that will allow him to hit the ground running and get the work done.  He has earned the endorsement of the State Police FOP for our area and is the only candidate that the Franklin County Bar Association says is “highly qualified”. 

Ian Brink holds the same values as me on some of the “big issues”.  He is pro-life and pro-2A.  Those issues aren’t what qualify him to be a great judge, but it is good to know that we are on the same page.

Another thing that I have learned about Ian Brink is that he is not a politician.  He is just a hard-working man that is ready to take on the responsibility of being our next judge.  

See you at the polls on May 21st as we vote BRINK FOR JUDGE.

Howard Wagaman
Guilford Township

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