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HARRISBURG – Three bills introduced by Rep. Paul Schemel (R-Franklin) that aim to improve intergovernmental cooperation to save taxpayers money were signed into law.

“House Bills 510, 511 and 512 make it easier, faster and less costly for municipalities, municipal utilities and school districts to work together,” Schemel said. “This kind of cooperation on projects serves to save taxpayers money while encouraging local governments to work more closely together.”

The bills revise the intergovernmental cooperation statutes. They let local government entities make joint purchases, work cooperatively on projects such as road resurfacing and share resources without having first to pass individual ordinances. The ordinance route is a process which could take one to two months and cost thousands of dollars. The result is a savings of both time and money, which means that everybody wins, Schemel said.

Schemel’s legislation removes the requirement that a municipality enact an ordinance, permitting instead a municipal resolution. That process provides a simpler process regarding aid and cooperation between local governments.

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The bills were inspired by Schemel’s discussions with Washington Township about frustrations township officials experienced under the existing law. The old law made it impossible for a municipality to pool resources with neighboring municipalities, he said.

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New Law Supports #GoodJobs4PA

New Law Supports #GoodJobs4PA

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