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CHAMBERSBURG — About 150 local families took advantage of a pop-up produce market at Keystone Health’s Cochran Professional Center Thursday.

Everyone who came to the makeshift “market” got a bag of fresh produce and fruit, delivered with a smile and no questions asked.

Keystone Gives Away 1,500 Pounds of Free Fruit, Produce
Keystone Health’s Free Food Give Away on Thursday.

Keystone gave away 1,500 pounds of fresh fruit and produce in two hours that morning.

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From July 13-20, 2019, Chambersburg, PA will be bustling with activity for the 33rd Annual ChambersFest community celebration.

The ‘Together We Grow Community’ outreach event was a partnership between Keystone, athenahealth and Healthy Harvest.

Boxes of produce were delivered to Keystone by Hungry Harvest, an organization who “rescues” and redistributes food that would otherwise be discarded or thrown away.

“We believe no produce should go to waste & no person should go hungry.
We won’t stop until that belief becomes reality, the organization says on it’s website.

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We are excited and have so much planned for our youth this year

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