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CHAMBERSBURG — Driving south through downtown Chambersburg on Main Street will require patience for a little while longer.

All last week, while Franklin County was demolishing the old Wogan’s Uniform building to make room for it’s new judicial center, one lane of the first block of North Main Street was closed.

Now one lane in the first block of South Main Street will be closed for at least two days beginning Monday.

This time, blame the borough for downtown traffic woes.

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On Monday, New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. will start storm sewer system improvements along the east side of South Main Street adjacent to the
Burkhart Avenue walkway.

Work will take place between 7am and 5pm and is expected to be finished Tuesday, dependent on the weather.

Last week County contractors demolishing the building last week tried to protect motorists, pedestrians and nearby businesses as much as possible during the demolition process.

Contractors temporarily fenced off the traffic lane on the east side of North Main Street where the demolition was taking place.

As the building crumbled, creating clouds of dust, demolition workers sprayed water on it in an effort to keep the dust down.

A flashing arrow and “left lane closed” signs directed motoriststo the right lane of the one-way street.

Motorists for the most part were patient as traffic backed up. Some detoured onto East King Street in an effort to avoid the center of town.

Most breathed a sigh of relief when the demolition was finished and both lanes were again open to traffic.

The borough’s storm sewe project should be completed a lot faster than last week’s building demolition project.

During that project the left lane of the the first block of South Main Street between Lincoln Way and Queen Street will be fenced off and traffic rerouted to the right lane.

Traffic will probably back up at times, especially during peak hours. But it should be over by midweek. At least if the weather forecasters are right and it doesn’t rain.

Expect downtown traffic to be backed up on Main Street periodically throughout the summer, however.

The county still has one very large building to demolish before the new judicial center project can move forward.

When that demolition starts, it probably will mean the left lane of that first block of North Main Street will again be closed.

Meanwhile, borough and county officials took time last week to thank motorists for keeping their cool and being patient while construction work along Main Street takes place.

Contact Guy Shaul, Community and Economic Development
Specialist, at 717-251-2446 or at with
questions about downtown traffic issues.

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