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Letterkenny Army Depot is going to do some controlled burns the next several weeks to reduce understory brush, control vegetation growth and improve wildlife habitat.

A safe and effective controlled burn is very dependent on both the site and weather conditions. As a result of the burn, the public may expect to see smoke primarily between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., time periods when optimum site and weather conditions could be present. The window for the burn will be narrowed once more exact weather and site conditions are known.

Prescribed fire is an effective management tool to reduce the chances of an uncontrolled wildfire, manage vegetation, and improve habitat by rejuvenating the soil, controlling non-native plant species and promoting native plant 

The prescribed fire operations will occur on about 150 acres in the Letterkenny Munitions Center, as conditions permit within the next 9 weeks (Nov. 1- Dec. 31).  Only trained staff directly associated with the burn will be allowed in the area during that time.

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Throughout prescribed fire operations, safety is the primary consideration from planning through implementation. A qualified Burn Boss develops a detailed plan and oversees the operation. The Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural 
Resources approve the plan.

Letterkenny Army Depot‘s Safety Office, Fire Department, and Letterkenny Munitions Center also approve it before burning begins.

Letterkenny‘s Wildland Fire Program Manager is handling questions about the operation. He can be reached at (717) 267-8832.

Local Government News

Judiciary Committee to Vote on Criminal Justice Reform Measures

The House Judiciary Committee will hold a voting meeting Tuesday to consider the following bills, which focus on criminal justice reforms:

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