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Dear Neighbor:
The heart of a judge’s work is service to their community. This community is where I was raised, educated and married. It’s where I worship and volunteer. It’s where I have represented my neighbors on borough council and have served as county solicitor. It’s where I have spent every day of my legal career helping clients with issues that impact their family, property, local government, neighbors and loved ones.

My experience includes standing up for and, when necessary, fighting to make sure folks are treated fairly. I respect and follow the law and as your next judge I will be fair to all who appear before me and provide thoughtful and prompt decisions.

I am knocking on doors and working as hard as possible to earn your support. I am asking for your vote on May 21st so that I may continue serving the great people of Franklin and Fulton Counties as your next judge in the Court of Common Pleas.

Mary Beth Shank
Candidate for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
Franklin & Fulton Counties

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