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Special thanks to Sue McMurtray for her contributions to this account about this year’s successful Chicken ‘n Stuff Rotary Club fundraiser.

CHAMBERSBURG — It takes a village to pull off a successful Chicken ‘n Stuff event.

This year’s 56th annual Rotary Club fundraiser took a village of helpers to get all the cooking, serving, packaging of take out meals and cleanup finished — a 12-hour or longer day for some.

By the end of the day Monday, that village of volunteers had prepared about 125 dozen (1,500) meals and served 23 dozen (276) people in the CAMS North cafeteria.

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Dozens of meals were carried out for area families to eat at home. Even more were distributed to the needy.

The Day Began Early for Village of Volunteers.
Pam Pracser Anderson helped distribute supplies such as cutlery packages and single serving cups of applesauce. (Photos courtesy Rotary Club)

The Day Began Early for Village of Volunteers.

The Knights of Columbus were in the kitchen by 6:30 a.m. prepping the chicken. Sam Miller arrived even earlier at 6 a.m. to begin sorting supplies.

Then came the Rotarians, Therapeutic Riding Center volunteers and Masons. When Sue McMurtray and Cindy Richards ambled in the work began in earnest.

Captain Pam Anderson gathered the early morning team together and they made quick order of 80 dozen of cookies, bags and bags of Martin’s potato rolls, hundreds of pats of butter, cases of individual servings of applesauce and tiny packets of salt & pepper.

Landon Buhrman amazed everyone with the number of potato rolls he could eat and still not be full.

“Personally I’m glad I do not have to feed that growing young man,” McMurtray joked.

Even Ginny Harriger of the Chamber of Commerce Foundation came in to volunteer her time.

Volunteers preparing for the lunch crowd.
Ginny Krall Harringer and Neil Denning volunteered.

Don’t forget “the gals” from the CAMS South cafeteria staff, McMurtray warned in counting the dozens of volunteers who made the event successful.

Volunteers were ready for the lunch crowd in plenty of time to serve even the earliest arrivals. By 11:15 am, 29 folks had dined in, 115 take out orders were filled and five first responders or veterans were fed.

And so went the day until the last fan of the Rotary’s special roasted chicken had been fed at 7 pm.

Sharing with the Community

Left over food was shared with Network Ministries, Chambersburg YMCA, Women in Need, the Franklin County Homeless Shelter and Franklin Fire Company.

McMurtry did the end of day tally “to the best of my calculation.” She said 275 meals were eaten in the cafeteria, 987 meals were taken out and 126 pre-orders filled.

Another 110 meals were generously paid for by Brandale Construction for distribution to state troopers, bringing the total to 1,498 meals cooked and served or taken out..

“Many thanks to each and every person who helped with this project whether you were onsite today, sold tickets or wished us well from the side lines,’ McMurtry said in a social media post after the event was over. “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

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  1. Hey Vicki. Thanks for the post on Chicken ‘n Stuff. It is, after all, my very favorite Rotary event of the year.

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