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CHAMBERSBURG — Each year the Chambersburg Fire Department responds to over five-thousand fire, rescue, and medical emergency type incidents.

When not responding to these calls, personnel provide fire prevention activities to ensure safety within the community.

One of the most important fire
prevention activities is to provide working smoke alarms for quick notification in case of a fire.

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The Department has partnered in a nationwide effort with the American Red Cross in an effort to ensure every residence within the Borough of Chambersburg is properly protected with the right amount of smoke alarms as well as ones that are working correctly.

In 2018, there were around 131 reported civilian deaths due to fires in Pennsylvania alone. The “Sound the Alarm-Save a Life” campaign is in the fifth year of implementation across the United States and can be
contributed to saving over 500 lives.

The goal with this program is for early alerting of the occupants to allow them to safely escape and prevent any loss of life.

There are three simple steps people can take to be prepared for a home fire if it would occur.

First, smoke alarms should be properly installed throughout any home or apartment.

Second, these alarms should be tested on a monthly basis, and if they are the type that requires battery replacement, this should be done every six months.

And third, families should develop a fire
evacuation plan. The key to this plan is to ensure that it is routinely practiced.

Borough residents who would like more information on this campaign, who need smoke alarms for their homes, or would like to discuss fire prevention steps for
their family can contact the Chambersburg Fire Department at 717-263-5872 for assistance by on-duty personne

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