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CHAMBERSBURG (Sept. 2, 2019) — Dr. Lisa Schoenleber, CASHS assistant principal, published an article in the spring 2019 edition of the Pennsylvania Administrator Magazine entitled, “Creating Connections.” 

CASHS Asst. Principal Dr. Lisa Schoenleber
CASHS Asst. Principal Dr. Lisa Schoenleber

In the article, Dr. Schoenleber details efforts by CASHS staff to create a culture that encourages meaningful relationships between teachers, administrators, students and their families. 

“We had a vision that we wanted to make a real connection with students on day one,” Schoenleber said. “Even though CASHS is a big school, we felt it was important to create a positive experience for students and to help ease any angst that students or their parents may feel.” 

The first connecting point for CASHS students is freshmen orientation. CASHS staff devotes a lot of time to planning so both students and their families feel welcomed and at ease.

Staff greets students and their families with smiles and give them name tags. They educate them on school resources and encourage them to participate in team-building activities and more. 

Students participate in a “Trojan Tickets” program, where they are rewarded with tickets for getting to class on time and for respecting others.

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Students who receive tickets are eligible for rewards. Schoenleber shares data that shows a drop in tardiness, skipping classes and disrespect from students as a result of the program. 

She believes positive relationships between staff and students is an important aspect to ensuring students achieve. 

“The biggest message that we wanted students and parents to know is that there are ways to connect at school,” she said. “It only takes one person and one connection that shows you care to make a real difference in a student’s life.” 

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