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CHAMBERSBURG — Local police are warning cyclists and skateboarders they need to walk their “vehicles” in downtown Chambersburg.

So please get off your bike or skateboard and walk in the downtown area, they ask in a news release issued this week.

In fact, Chambersburg has an ordinance that prohibits riding bicycles and skateboards in certain congested areas in town.

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Offenders could be cited if caught breaking that ordinance.

What’s the law? It’s ordinance § 104-1 and 104-9. The first applies to bicycle riders. The second to skateboarders.

Basically they designate areas where the two sets of “wheels” can’t be used.

Ordinance 104-1 sets aside an area bounded on the north by East and West King Street, including East and West King Street, on the west by the Western Maryland Railroad tracks, on the south by East and West Liberty Street, including East and West Liberty Street, and on the east by North and South Second Street, including North and South Second Street.

Ordinance 104-9 prohibits:

  • operating a skateboard within 20 feet of a pedestrian
  • riding a skateboard at an unsafe speed or in a reckless manner (that is, with careless disregard for the safety of other persons or property)
  • operating a skateboard from the sitting or prone position, operating a skateboard while hanging on to another vehicle, including a bicycle or another skateboard
  • operating a skateboard downtown
  • operating a skateboard between sunset and sunrise

In addition, ordinance 104.9 prohibits building, using or maintaining skateboard ramps on streets or sidewalks.

Chambersburg Police will be taking enforcement action when violations are observed.

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