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CHAMBERSBURG (Aug. 10, 2019) — It was a perfect night for a Backlot Blast. The weather was good with a nice summer breeze. The food was great and the craft beer offering cold.

Best of all, the music was great, and the crowd enthusiastic.

The Capitol Theatre‘s downtown Backlot Blast concert drew a lively over-21 crowd to its back parking lot Saturday evening.

It featured two popular crowd-pleasing bands, Chambersburg’s Nite Fuel and the 80s tribute band The Reagan Years.

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Set up much like the Capitol’s popular summer festival Blues, Brews and Barbecue, the inaugural Backlot Bash had it all: music, food trucks and local brews.

The event started at 4, but a line was waiting when doors opened at 3:30. And they kept coming, some attracted perhaps by the music and obvious fun coming from the crowded parking lot.

Many brought lawn chairs, but most stood around, enjoyed the company and danced. Yes, they danced enthusiastically to the lively music.

By all accounts, it turned into a great summer late afternoon, early evening event.

Something several hoped would become a repeat event.

“Perfect,” said several participants as they swayed or danced to the music. “It’s a perfect night.”

Crowd at Saturday’s +21 Backlot Blast danced to the music of Nite Fuel and The Reagan Years. (FCFP photo by Daniel Jenson)
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