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Chambersburg Area School District Foundation

We received 86 entries into our 2019 Easter Egg hunt contest. A random generator selected 3 winners.

  • 1st Place: Tina Diehl from Shippensburg, PA
  • 2nd Place: Deborah Ragno from Fayetteville, PA
  • 3rd Place: Laura Ellis from Greencastle, PA

The original concept was a virtual easter egg hunt to enter in the drawing, however our software kept losing participants eggs from their basket.

We decided we would allow everyone to enter the drawing on Easter day because of that issue.

Our IT tech has promised to find that elusive software bug, however.

“We will find the software bug and have it fixed by next years contest,” he promised.

We are holding him to that promise.

Thanks to all those who hunted our virtual Easter eggs, and those who tried to help us figure out where the hole was in our virtual basket by reporting back to us where they were and what story they were reading when their eggs disappeared.

And special thanks to those who told us the egg hunt was so much fun, even when their eggs kept disappearing.

The Original Announcement | Published on April 13, 2019
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We are excited and have so much planned for our youth this year

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